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Adult Day Services and Vocational Habilitation: What can we do for you?

What can we do for you! We are eager to assist your business in achieving success while simultaneously helping our individuals develop valuable job skills.  We are eager to get some jobs or tasks lined up for our employees, big or small, short-term or long-term, on-site or off-site. Some ideas we have are piece part work, shredding, cleaning, mailings, etc. Of course we don’t know your business like you do and what tasks you may have for our employees!  We would love nothing more than the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to speak with someone who is willing to give our employees a chance.  

Shredding at a competitive rate of $.25 per pound. All shredding will be kept secured till it is fully shredded.

Piece Part work is based on the Fair Labor Standards Act. It can include assembling of hardware, packaging, mailings etc. to name a few.

Cleaning is available for residential or business at the rate of $60 an hour.

Please contact us at 330-209-5460.